Anna Maria City Restaurants & Bars

Anna Maria City, nestled on the northern tip of Anna Maria Island, offers a charming selection of restaurants and bars that capture the essence of coastal dining. With its laid-back atmosphere and stunning Gulf Coast views, this quaint seaside community beckons visitors to savor a diverse range of culinary experiences amidst the island’s natural beauty. From family-friendly eateries serving up fresh seafood to lively beach bars offering tropical cocktails and live music, Anna Maria City provides a delightful dining scene that celebrates the island’s unique charm.

One of the highlights of dining in Anna Maria City is the abundance of waterfront restaurants that dot its picturesque shoreline. Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico while indulging in delectable dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Whether dining al fresco on a sun-drenched patio or enjoying a romantic dinner by candlelight, waterfront restaurants in Anna Maria City offer an unforgettable dining experience that captures the magic of Anna Maria Island’s coastal ambiance.

In addition to its waterfront dining options, Anna Maria City boasts a variety of charming cafes, bistros, and ice cream parlors that cater to every craving. Visitors can sample gourmet sandwiches and artisanal cheeses at cozy delis, savor homemade gelato and sorbetto at family-owned sweet shops, or enjoy a leisurely brunch at quaint breakfast spots. After dining, guests can unwind with a refreshing drink at one of Anna Maria City’s laid-back bars, where friendly locals and breathtaking sunset views create the perfect backdrop for a relaxing evening by the sea.

Climb aboard the Anna Maria Island Trolley or the Island Beach Monkey Bus to Anna Maria City from anywhere on the island and experience the city nightlife.

Ginny's & Jane E's

Situated in Anna Maria Town on the north of Anna Maria Island, Ginny's & Jane E's is a delightful cafe and bakery as well as a unique store to browse local arts and crafts. The popular cafe is always full of chatter and laughter as friends and family can enjoy a delicious meal together in a relaxed setting. The highlight of the café is that they are preservative, hormone and steroid free with all foods that they serve. The attached bakery sends amazing aromas wafting up the street as all produce sold here is freshly baked in store that morning. Take a table and enjoy fresh home baked treats that range from scones and pastries to quiches and fruit pies. Ginny's & Jane E's also have a gift store where you can look through handmade jewelry and purchase locally made artwork and crafts.
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The Donut Experiment

Often referred to as 'Anna Maria’s crazy scientists', married couple Shawn and Cecilia arrived from Philly and established the very first donut shop on Anna Maria Island itself. This came about after the husband and wife took their vacation here on the island; both surprised and shocked at unsuccessfully being able to locate a single donut shop, they came up with the vision to establish a unique business on the island. Now with two donut shops in established in Florida, the couple are providing delicious treats for all to enjoy. The first shop being the Donut Experiment located in the busy town of Anna Maria and the second can be found in St. Augustine. The donut Experiment on Anna maria opens seven days of the week from 7:00 am until 13:00 pm.
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Gulf Shore Charcuterie

There’s nothing more rewarding than sharing a moment with someone special on your vacation, and Gulf Shore Charcuterie can lend you a helping hand. Located in both Bradenton Beach and Anna Maria, they create and deliver the most wonderful and delicious grazing packages and food hampers to suit every occasion. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, say a thank you or simply order a grazing box for the family... just because, Gulf Shore Charcuterie can arrange the hamper with perfection and deliver. Opening every day of the week from 08:00am until 5:00pm, Gulf Shore Charcuterie are available for telephone and online orders. Using only natural ingredients and local grown produce, every order is proudly made fresh on the day and delivered promptly. Priding themselves on their values of top-quality products, fresh and natural ingredients and impressive grazing boxes, the company are popular and come highly rated on Anna Maria Island.
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Bortell's Lounge

Recently refurbished and totally modernized, Bortell's Lounge is located on Gulf Drive in the heart of the capital city of Anna Maria. For those that have frequented Bortell's before, the bar looks a little different... but the atmosphere is still the same. Have a look at the fabulous new bar food menu and grab a drink ready to watch the sports on one of their nine huge TV’s. Subscribed to watch the NFL, you will never miss a game at Bortell's Lounge in Anna Maria. Everyone is welcome and the atmosphere is friendly... try something a little different for a social gathering with your friends. Bortell's Lounge has been open since 1976 and has always been a popular place for the local residents to have a drink in the city of Anna Maria. However, since it’s modernization and refurb it has become more appealing to vacationers and travelers too. Why not peek inside and have a few drinks with delicious food and great company. Bortell's Lounge is closed on Mondays... apart from that it opens its doors every other day from 12:00pm until 12:00am. Food is available when Bortell's is open and is served from 12:00pm until 9:00pm.
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Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe

Sitting proudly on the sands of Gulf Drive at Holmes Beach is the hugely popular Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe. They are right in the middle of the beach community and grant access to much needed facilities. For example, shower, bathroom and changing facilities. They even have a beach volleyball set up that you can hire. Plus, the beach is patrolled by fully trained Lifeguards so you can have fun and stay safe. Anna Maria Island Beach Café has dining indoors and an outdoor beach dining area as well as their famous tiki bar... often referred to as ‘the best Bloody Mary Bar on the island’. They even have an exciting range of alcoholic drinks where if you order them... you get to keep the glass as a souvenir to take home!! The menu looks fresh and exciting with a huge focus on all day breakfasts and burgers. Edy’s hand dipped ice creams are available when they are open serving only the best... Hershey’s Ice Creams. You can also rent beach essentials between 09:0am and 4:00pm from Anna Maria Island Beach Café. Have a look inside for the chairs and umbrellas available as daily beach rentals. There is a gift shop too where you can browse an assortment of take-home accessories and souvenirs from your Anna Maria Island vacation. Anna Maria Island Beach Café opens every day of the week at 08:00am and closes at either 7:00pm or 8:00pm, depending on how busy they are.
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